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Structured Sober Living Environment for Men in Early Recovery

Helping Men Practically Apply the 12 Steps into Their Daily Lives

Alcoholism and drug addiction are problems faced by several men today. Seeking professional help is the first step to recovery, but the struggle doesn’t end after treatment. At Lynwood House in Jackson, Mississippi, we provide programs to prevent residents from committing a relapse. Our community was designed to guide them through the challenges of early sobriety.

We welcome individuals nationwide. Contact us to inquire about our services.

About Us

A Place You Can Call Home While

You Recover

Lynwood House opened its doors in 2016. We believe that all men deserve a second chance at life; that’s why we strive to help them successfully transition back to society.

Lynwood House strives to create a spiritually sound environment that is positive, creative, caring, and fun. We believe that recovery can only be accomplished through developing positive relationships. We also believe that the living environment must be attended to in order to inspire our residents and staff to grow together in our quest for spiritual health.

Our intent for each client is to have them create a plan of action that can be developed, improved, and that focuses on three relational areas: spirituality, community, and self. We strive to help residents understand how they separated from self, from spirituality, and from their fellows. Then we help them develop their personal plan for healthy relations to self, spirituality, and others. This is, of course, accomplished through intensive personal work in the 12 steps.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and peer-supportive environment while meeting the needs of men in early recovery.

Our Philosophy 

Lynwood House believes in the principles of the 12 steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). We believe in the absolute value of like-minded individuals suffering from alcoholism and addiction who work together to help each other.

This founding belief is why we employ individuals who are in recovery and are active in their recovery.

Our clients and residents employ us to help them follow through on their new way of life. Accountability was absent in the lives of our clients—now, it is what we deliver to everyone involved in their recovery. In our homes, we teach by example and put into practice this new way of life. We also stand by the belief that the group comes before any individual.

Through our Accountability Program, we assist our clients in the pursuit of their continuing care plans. These plans where formulated for them at the respective treatment centers they have commenced from. We also help the families of drug-dependent individuals by taking them out of the cop role and allowing them to become parents or loved ones.

Lynwood House

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